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exmoor national park


exmoor national park


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exmoor national park

Winstitchen is located in the centre of Exmoor National Park and occupies an outstanding position on the moor, completely secluded yet easily accessible. Simonsbath a well known Exmoor landmark is barely a mile with pub and Hotel, and Exford with Post Office, Store, Newsagent, Pub and Hotel, a five minute drive away.

Exmoor national park is one of Englands great treasures and there is a trust who are responsible for the conservation of this natural beauty's wild life and heritage. Exmoor national park expands two hundred and seven square miles of countryside and has a population of over ten thousand five hundred. Our population take great pride in the national park and the community along with the authority work together to maintain this unspoiled land.

We need to keep exmoor national park pure as over a quarter of england and wales has been built on, destroying eco systems. In the south people from the city need somewhere to educate their children about wild life and the environment apart from books and pictures, it would be a shame if future generations couldn't go to visit the countryside because of neglect on our part. And there would be no tress and we'd all die too.

Tens of thousands of people come to the exmoor national park every year to enjoy peaceful surroundings and fresh air many come to paint or ramble or break dance, you can visit the tarr steps which is an ancient clapper bridge. We have visitor centre at exmoor national park which can tell you everything you would want to know about the place through displays and maps, we have specialists on hand to answer all your interesting questions. There are five centres all together and each one organises a monthly event.Visit out web site for more information on each of the visitation points in the exmoor national park.

Why not come with us on one of our organised walking expeditions around exmoor national park, so you can see the very best we have to offer with friendly guides and like minded people, in a safe environment.You will need all the usual equipment like sturdy boots and binoculars and a waterproof incase of down pour. If you like you can bring your dog along as long as you keep them on a leash, although some walks don't allow dogs so call before you come. We accept groups of ten and under but we can have a special booking for over ten groups, again give exmoor national park centres a call to discuss requirements.